Scrum Institute, Kanban Framework Episode #9

Scrum Institute, Kanban Framework Episode #9

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What Is A Kanban Workflow? (Kanban Workflow Definition – Kanban Workflow Meaning)

All work a Kanban team performs and delivers from the conception of their product until the end of the product’s life cycle builds the Kanban team’s workflow. And yet, the reliability, repeatability, and improvement of any process are not only based on the actual work delivered. But also they are based on the agreed norms of how the work is performed. (How the work flows.)

Kanban Workflow Definition

A Kanban workflow defines explicit policies and principles, followed by the Kanban team. Its main objective is to represent the rules and procedures of work while the work is flowing across different stages of its development and delivery cycle.

It’s important to understand that the Kanban team cannot be imposed to use a specific workflow defined by their business stakeholders.

And yet, Kanban teams should bear in mind expectations from business units in upstream and downstream work centers to contribute the bottom line of their organizations

Therefore, the game plan to build and improve a Kanban workflow requires continuous collaboration between Kanban delivery teams and their associated counterparts at surrounding work centers.

The Kanban Framework administers, plans, and operates the Kanban workflow by using a Kanban board.

Thus, the work in progress (WIP) limits for development and delivery steps offer immediate feedback loops. These feedback loops enable a Kanban team to monitor, address, and follow up on issues of its Kanban workflow.

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