Scrum Institute, Scrum Framework Episode #17

Scrum Institute, Scrum Framework Episode #17

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What Are The Next Steps After The Scrum Framework? This Might Surprise You!

How to Guarantee Your Position As A Successful Scrum Professional

I feel that it’s now my job to inspire you to actually implement and execute what you have learned from this material.

Let’s face it: The big, vast IT industry is not going to accommodate you with more opportunities and more business without you taking some serious initial steps. The IT industry most likely doesn’t even know you exist; up until now, you only operated as a small part of it, or you’re just getting started. The government is not going to bail you out on your difficult days, and they certainly are not going to help you to advance and conquer on your career journey.

Taking the time to pick up this book and read it suggests that you truly do want to do something different. For this, I acknowledge and congratulate you. Well done to you on getting this book. I applaud you for reading it and even more for finishing it. Now, if you want the world to give you a standing ovation, put lessons in it to work.

Interestingly, one of the most effective ways of perfecting these disciplines is to help others attain success and implement these actions themselves. When people with common goals and motivations come together, they tend to learn faster and become a support system for one another. So gather a group of like-minded and highly driven people who refuse to live by the norms of the mediocre. Assemble a study group to read this book and brainstorm it with you. Ask your co-workers, employees and bosses to read this book as a team. Then help one another apply and commit to using the actions, hold one another accountable to these commitments.

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Something tells me that you didn’t pick up this book because you are comfortable or satisfied with where you’re in your career. Chances are you want to change or improve your current position. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have finished this book. Therefore, I will be happy to support you on your career journey!

Why Should You Be Getting Your Scrum Certifications Today?

A Scrum certification is the testimony of your competence in the Scrum software development and delivery process.

Scrum certification acknowledges your demonstrated knowledge and outstanding expertise in the Scrum framework after a formal multiple choice test evaluation.

Scrum software development process has been offering immense benefits to millions of professionals until today. Therefore, there is no reason that you won’t join these accomplished men and women who upgraded their careers and skills with the help of the Scrum framework.

If you still wonder, I want to assure you that you can no longer imagine a growing career without possessing a Scrum certification. It’s regardless of your role, title, and experience in Information Technology (IT) ecosystem. You even don’t have to be an IT professional anymore to understand what Scrum is, how Scrum works, and get a Scrum certification.

Your are a Five-Star Professional! You Must Be Acknowledged and Compensated Accordingly! 

Whatever you do for a living, regardless you’re part of an IT department or not, there is an essential and indisputable fact. Your tasks and professional business value you’ve been serving for your organization are dependent on and interrelated to IT, software, and agile Scrum process and principles.

Moreover, thanks to the shift of traditional business models into software as a service (SaaS) driven businesses or so-called digitalization movement, it’s no longer a voluntary decision for any professional in or outside the IT department to get certified as a Scrum professional. However, it’s a must today to get a Scrum certification.

You may be just starting your career, or you may be a seasoned IT professional. That doesn’t play a role. You need to get your Scrum certification.

Your role may or may not include people and functional management activities. It doesn’t matter too; you still need to have a Scrum certification.

You should learn Scrum software development framework and become an accomplished Scrum Professional today by getting your Scrum certification.

The Pros Of Being An Accomplished Scrum Professional

It’s now the time to recap. If you didn’t get a chance to read every word in this book, let me break down my thoughts. Here are my thoughts about the pros and cons of getting certified as a Scrum professional.

  • The Pros for Employees, Freelancers, Coaches and Trainers
    • A Scrum certification will be your recognition of competence and up-to-date know-how in the Scrum domain.
    • A Scrum certification will help you outcompete your peer group who do not develop themselves anymore. And remember, they’re a lot. It will help you get hired for your dream job as a certified and accomplished Scrum professional.
    • A Scrum certification will broaden your perspective, and it will further open up your mind for continuous learning. It will help you get more responsibilities and fantastic career opportunities.
    • A Scrum certification will provide a brand new toolset with which you can deliver great products and services that your clients and employers would love.
  • The Pros for Organizations and Employers
    • Scrum certifications will reduce costs by improving the efficiency of your teams, activities, and processes.
    • Scrum certifications will help you win projects with your trained and skilled employees that you couldn’t win otherwise.
    • Scrum certifications will improve employee satisfaction and commitment by encouraging them to get trained and develop skills.
    • Scrum certifications will improve the quality of your deliverables, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, the success and profitability of your organization.

Things To Remember After You Become An Accomplished Scrum Professional

  • A Scrum certification shouldn’t stop your learning. Don’t forget that getting certified as a scrum professional is just the first step. In the spirit of “inspect and adapt” which you learned from the Scrum framework, it’s still your duty and obligation to experiment, observe, and learn continuously.
  • There is no one size fits all solution for all organizations around the world. The Scrum software development and delivery framework is no exception to this rule. What we observed is that: Most organizations that we’re unable to get the best performance out of the Scrum framework have a common characteristic. These are the organizations that failed to adapt Scrum to their own business and ITecosystems. Therefore, again in the spirit of “inspect and adapt”, don’t see the Scrum framework as a 100% guaranteed recipe for success. Please don’t underestimate your cognitive ability to adapt it to the own dynamics of your business and IT. In fact, as a paid professional, this is what you’re supposed to do to get the best throughput and business results by using the Scrum framework.
  • Scrum didn’t solve all the problems we have in our IT departments. Don’t stop developing yourself with Newly emerging software development and delivery processes such as DevOps. To better understand the known flaws of the Scrum framework and how DevOps handles them, have a look at this top article at a later moment: What Are TOP 6 Differences Between DevOps and Scrum? (DevOps vs Scrum Comparison)

In conclusion, a Scrum certification is an excellent way to get started with agile software development and delivery practices.

According to a Gartner study “Becoming a Better Scrum Master”published in 2019, until 2023, 92% of companies worldwide, and 96% of companies in the United States will be adopting agile scrum practices.

Therefore, there will be no better time other than now for you to

The only remaining question is, when are you going to get started?

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