Scrum Institute, Scrum Framework Episode #1

Scrum Institute, Scrum Framework Episode #1

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Scrum Institute, Scrum Framework Episode #1 has been proudly brought to you by International Scrum Institute,

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International Scrum Institute™ is an independent institute. We help organizations and professionals get certified with worldwide renowned and valid Scrum certification programs and prove their competence in the Scrum domain. We empower professionals globally to build their careers, and organizations to create and sell their outstanding products and services that their clients will love.

Your renowned Scrum certification programs have proven their worldwide recognition by being the choice of more than 594,000 Scrum professionals in 143 countries. 

The term “Scrum” was first used and published by Harvard Business Review in January 1986. Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka coined the term “Scrum” with their article: The New New Product Development Game. So, the Scrum process was initially meant to be an open project management framework.

Nonetheless, things didn’t work like that. The Scrum process has been heavily commercialized.  Worst of all, Scrum has been subtly dogmatized, so it has started contradicting its very own “inspect and adapt” spirit which you will later learn more about it in this book. Professionals and organizations have wasted enormous amounts of training, certification, and then recertification fees for literally zero return on investment.

Before International Scrum Institute™ was established for you, there used to be pressing challenges for Scrum professionals like yourself. 

You didn’t possess a reasonable alternative to get your Scrum certifications and prove your competence in the Scrum domain. Scrum professionals had to pay expensive fees for the one way profit-driven Scrum certification programs of other certification entities. Moreover, they had to pay hefty prices for classroom training, recurring certification renewals, and various additional recurring subscriptions and memberships.

International Scrum Institute™ aims to remove these barriers set in front of the Scrum professionals in developed and emerging markets. We are here to save you from paying unreasonable fees for Scrum classroom training and Scrum certification programs before you certify your knowhow in Scrum. 

International Scrum Institute™ provides ten major online Scrum certification programs. These programs have been designed by our consortium of renowned business and people leaders, coaches, mentors, experts, and authorities from all major industries.

Here is an overview of our Scrum certification programs we have created for you:

Moreover, feel free to check out the articles specified below to read why we perform and serve you far better than our competitors.

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